I’ve become quite blasé about jewelry. There’s a sameness to many pieces or reinterpreted —the same old, same old.

 However, my heart began to pulsate when I saw Orsa Maggiore collection.

At first I thought, Orsa Maggiore, was the name of the designer but, I soon discovered it was fictional.

Two brothers, Corrado and Maura Rostelli, conceived the name meaning, constellation of stars, and personally now design this collection.  Together, Maura and Corrado researched materials and use the new technology for their creations.

“We personally design very single pieces:”  says Maura Rastelli. 

fashion, Jewelry, Italy, Orsa Maggiore

This is  a very exclusive, one of a kind collection.  Every stone is rough for starters than accurately and  precisely polished and then designed around the shape and color.

They buy rough gems wherever they find them, from miners in mineral shows to their travels worldwide.

“It is hunting more than a buying trips”, says Maura, “and we look for specimens, the crystals that are in great demand for collectors.”   But usually they sue teach of them as they are without cutting or polishing.

The entire difference  in their designs is working with titanium which is a great challenge in jewelery making. It is a material much softer than gold or silver.

fashion, Jewelry, Italy,  Orsa Maggiore

 “We are still improving but it is very difficult therefore very exclusive”, continued Maura.

They consider themselves pioneers using titanium in jewelery and they create unique  and non repeatable designs.

“We’ve chosen titanium, because it is extremely light and it allows us to create quite large pieces that turn out to be surprisingly light”.

This metal allows them to reproduce the color of the stone in the setting or complement colors which “gives the jewel a personaltiy.

Orsa Maggiore, was ‘born’  a few years ago with the goal of making  beautiful gems as they are formed in nature.

“I was hunting for a special and rare uncut gemstones on the market while my brother was experimenting with titanium,’ states Maura.

fashion, Jewelry, Italy,  Orsa Maggiore

It has been a great adventure for them to arrive and realize that the final product is so good- looking and so comfortable to wear.  It is also durable over time, as every good jewel should be.

They especially like creating neckpieces since they are able to use large variety of big stones. Also earrings, rings and bracelets.  These are not for the faint of heart.

Many pieces are so interesting since they add diamonds to form a pattern or here and there, to fit in with the design and then in many of the items, fold the titanium over the stones. 

An interesting feature of their collection is that a necklace can be  transformed into an earring and vice versa. You can find a  “how to” on www.orsamaggieorejewels.com

fashion, Jewelry, Italy,  Orsa Maggiore
fashion, Jewelry, Italy,  Orsa Maggiore

Orsa Maggiore, is sold directly to their shop in Cremona, northern Italy near Milan and also around the world and of course, to Italians who know and understand exquisitely hand made jewelry. They also exhibit on the website.

I have yet to see such innovative, creative items and since I adore rough stones used in such an unusual way creating stunning, sophisticated jewels, I had to write about Orsa Maggiore, a great name for fabulous jewelry from Italy.