Luxury Camping site opens in Sveta Nedelja

Kamp Zagreb, A new luxury camping site opened on the Rakitje Lake in Sveta Nedelja in mid-July. This is the only camping site in the county of Zagreb, and one of the few luxury camping sites in north Croatia. The site boasts four stars and it stretches across 10,000 m2, with 50 camping spots. There are also 4 bungalows with 2 to 4 rooms, and camping site is pet friendly, with designated showers for pets. The campsite is completely produced in wood, including all the signage and tracks. ACSI and ADAC have already classified the campsite for 2014, and it is the only campsite that is included in the GLAMCAMPING database. The Camp is near nature parks such as MedvednicaŽumberak and Samoborsko gorjecastles and museums as well as the city of Zagreb.

Zagreb’s cable car second best in Europe

Judging by the results obtained through the internet and social networking conducted by “European Best Destinations”, and following Zagreb’s vote as the second best destination in Europe,  Zagreb’s street car has been voted second best in Europe in a tight competition from other attractive contenders. Zagreb Street Car is the oldest public transport method in  Zagreb, a year older than the tram, and compared to other street cars that are part of public transport, and at 66 metres in length it is the shortest in the world. Zagreb’s street car is a protected monument since it bears the original appearance and construction, and it is one of the city’s biggest attractions and landmarks.