Indulged Traveler

It’s been years since fashion mavens have discovered the drama of the jungle.

There seems to be a never-ending quest for animal stripes and spots and this mode still has to speak.

>In deepest, darkest Africa where the lion is king, it has been several years since animal prints have appeared in the fashion world and still going strong.

Obviously, many international designers have been inspired by the colorful feathers of the birds, the subtle camouflaged tones and, of course, the strips and dots of the the animals that roam freely in the jungles.

Hyenas may have a hysterical laugh, but internationally known designers have done well with their faux fur look and that’s no laughing matter.

Not only Dolce et Cabbana could take a Wildebeest’s legs, a giraffe’s tail, a buffalo’s horn and make a collage work and become best selling prints. These wonderful natural colorations are now seen at high end stores and Zara, H & M and even low end lines. They are beloved.

Judging from the puff of pink clouds from the hundreds of pastel-colored storks wading in Lake Manyara National Park, pink is definitely the new black of the past season and still the holidays which would brighten up our dismal Covid 19 months past and perhaps future also.

In Ngorongoro Crater, the Thomson gazelles immediately conjure up that status symbol shoe maker, Manolo Blahnik with the lovely tawny color and a touch of white, a dash of black and voila, the perfect boot. The clean, sleek look of the impala’s so very Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren’s safari jackets are perfection for a safari. It is where the jungle of Big Apple meets the African jungle. And only Frederic Fekkai could tame the lion’s mane.

So forget Paris, Milan, New York. Every day is in parts of Africa is the world’s greatest.

About 30 years ago, designer Valentino was one of the first haute couturiers to present stunning leopard cashmere pullovers and the style and print has been so popular since. Ad I still have my “vintage” sweater.

So when the time is right, make your journey of a life time. Visit the valleys and craters of East and South Africa and see these wonderful sights that inspired top end fashion designers, and even home decorators, who have been so successful with these wonderful animal prints.

Now, I am yearning to head back to a few of the countries at the bottom of the map where the animals were so inspirational to the world of fashion. Too bad the printed four legged creatures don’t know what all the fuss is about especially as the many safari vehicles arrive filled with gasping visitors for the close up viewing.

I’ve been on over a dozen safaris from Tanzania to Kruger National Park in South Africa and many more sites. I never seem to have enough.

Oh, to be back to these beautiful countries filled incredible vegetation and awesome animals !!!!!!