Palm Springs

Palm Springs

It’s the four huge , stunning mountain ranges that took me by surprise.  They look as though a great artist may have chiselled this wonderment surrounding the nine merging cities of Palm Springs.

I mentioned nine oasis in this part of this desert. It’s difficult to know where one begins and ends since there is a thread that units them.  They all look similar Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indo & Coachelli, Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs.

palm spring
Beautiful Surrounding Mountains

So now that we’ve talked about the mountains, art doesn’t stop there. Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Picasso; Koons  and the artists and sculptures of that era, are superb and exquisitely mounted at the Palm Springs Art Museum, (101 Museum Drive) The museum is so easy to navigate. But leave a few hours to see the newest young crop of artists and their exhibited artwork and do visit the artsy gift shop.

“Snow Birds” come from all over the colder climates during the winter months and find a superb area, always warm and enjoy the many offerings.

And merchants and property owners love it for obvious reasons.  The populations goes up by approximately 40,000.

GOLFERS are in for a treat.  There are 18 hole courses in every housing development  where villas sit on the edge.


Then you know about BNP Baribas Open

Hikers, adventurers, bikers, swimmer and birders, all available with or without a guide. Or just sit at one of the dozens outdoor cafes and meet the very friendly locals and also like-minded visitors.  You might learn about the lectures, films, card groups.

LECTURES?  That’s what both locals and “Snow Birds” look forward to and  presenters are excellent, many come from nearby universities. 

When tickets for any performance,  try to get them ASAP at the McCullan Theatre. They sell out within a few days.

OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning  Institute) is where I heard an excellent lecture on Renaissance Art in Florence.  I could see myself being busy with the offering of lectures all day.

Interior-of-interior elevators museum


Elizabeth & Prince.   For anyone looking for luxurious and trendy togs, this is the place. And their displays say it all. There are three shops and the clothing is impeccable.  Great styling. I like the sales people at the boutique in  La Quinta (the busy square. Also on El Paseo Dr.)

Another great destination is, Insanity.  

The name had me.

El Paseo. Palm Desert

Chic styling at a good price.? Go to White House, Black Market

3199 El Paseo Dr, Palm Desert


ZENSE known in this area for their great collection of fashion jewellery from the world’s famous fashion centres.  Milan, Paris, Vienna and then there are their own designs made for Zenses  in Europe.

73255 El Paseo Dr.

Fashion Jewellery – Zense

HOME ACCESSORIES, immediately next door is Zense Home.  So exotic, so unusual, not too many shops have these timeless, unique, unusual home accessories.

73255 El Paseo Dr., Suite 3. Palm Desert


Just walk along El Paseo.  I saw 5  galleries within a few doors of each other and surprisingly, they have up and coming artists who are truly good plus, of course, the tried and true.  CODA represents the top contemporary artists.

73400 El Paseo, Suite B1. Palm Desert


McCallum Theatre.
Shows and performances from Broadway, also soloist. Buy tickets on-line.


What woman doesn’t like shoes.?

Charleston Shoe Company  (73151 El Paseo Suite 2, Palm Desert) and H.Stephens (73575 #V1316, El Paseo, Palm Desert)  immediately come to mind with their mind boggling shoe collections. Then there is always Saks Fifth Ave.


Love, Love, JAKE’S.   It’s fun, alway full and the food is great. Eat inside if there isn’t an el fresco table with the most entertaining ‘noshers’.

 664 North Canyon, Palm Springs  

Il Sogno is a Europea cafe.

73375 El Paseo, Palm Desert

JC’s Patio serves salads and sandwiches, the perfect light lunch.

 73040 El Paseo, Palm Desert

Daily Grill , an American cafe, a favourite for many locals.  Dress casual .

73061 El Paseo Dr. Palm Desert

Quinta Baking Company, one of my go-to, outside cafes for that  important ‘cuppa’ each morning and the trendy  easy going dressers who love the surrounding shops.

78-395 Highway 111, La Quinta.


restaurant palm springs

Eddie V’s.  Newly open and very special. Yes, and very expensive. They specialize in prime seafood.

73040 El Paseo , Palm Desert

Pacifica, is another very good seafood restaurant.  It baffles the mind that there are so many seafood eateries in this desert. 

The Gardens on El Paseo. 73505

Mastros is a very prime steak house.

 73405 #120 El Paseo, Palm Desert

Vicky’s of Santa Fe. 

Try for the bar area and watch the action. It is the most fun eatery. And the food is innovative and good, the band is upbeat and dancing couples do their own ‘thing;.

45100 Club Dr., Highway 111 & Club Drive, Indian Wells

For a fun night, Vicky’s, is loud, no need to talk but just look. The “LOOK” is tight bottoms and low cut necklines and men of a certain age think jeans and leather biker’s jackets make them feel younger. That said, the food is as surprisingly good as the scene.  Eat in the bar area if there’s room.


Major philanthropists, Ambassadors Walter and Leonore Annenberg’s,  SunnyLands Center and Gardens, built in 2012, sits on 200 acres. 

picasso museum

Now this amazing complex is known as the ‘Camp David of the West’ where conferences with top diplomats, politicians and CEOs of major companies, have their meetings in the splendid boardroom.  

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and  Prince Charles, have been as have four American presidents and celebs who come just to see this midcentury architectural building and the constantly changing art. 

There is a tour however, if time saving is essential, see the  20 minute film about the unique grand gardens. And site is great for birders, then stop for a meal or just coffee at the really good cafe. Also, take time for this exceptional gift shop. SunnyLands, makes the day. The backdrop of the mountain view is unparalleled.

museum Anneberg


Two words…Frank Sinatra. …everywhere