Every day, my travel/lifestyle magazine, WWW.INDULGEDTRAVELER.COM receives on-line press releases from travel companies and queries from would-be tourists asking for information about countries around the world. However, I love and know India and continue to return.

One company that really impressed me with their honesty, reliability, wealth of knowledge, quality and flexibility to change is, INDIATOR, with headquarters in Delhi.

Recently, I accepted to be their manager in Canada for both their companies..INDIATOR and MY FLIGHT TRIP.

Its one of the largest inbound travel and tourism company with affiliates in 15 cities across India.  When you choose your destination, INDIATOR will make you wishes materialize with their personalized itineraries and set tours.  From Multi day Tours, Sightseeing Tours to the most exclusive Customized Tours, INDIATOR, is dedicated to giving their clients new adventures and experiences.

Yes, its a unique tourist-friendly company that only works with travel to, from and in India. We believe in concentrating on what we know best. We have an amazing product, India-only. India now has a constant annual increase in tourism since there is so much to see and experience, that once seen, youll continue to return.

The large team of well educated English,French, Spanish, German speaking travel specialists are available for private and large groups .

Now, with an office in North America, there is a bonus. We can compete price-wise with any other company.  Our contacts in India are vast.

We will work within your budget from destinations, booking air flights, in-country air flights, also hotels from 3 stars accommodations to probably the most luxurious hotels in Asia.

INDIATOR will fulfill your dreams.


MY FLIGHT TRIP, is the wholesale segment and works with travel/tour agencies around the world.

Both INDIATOR and MY FLIGHT TRIP, have a team of totally dedicated staff members who are well acquainted with every nook and cranny in this most diverse and colourful country. Get to know and see amazing India with our assistance. Contact me for discussions about itineraries and costs.

Id be delighted to speak with you.  Barbara Kingstone, Barbara3@Rogers.com

Tel 416 967 3930.  Tex.  416 357 1455