From India with Love and Luxury

I’m always looking for the best of everything to post on my site, WWW.INDULGEDTRAVELER.COM. India raises the barre when it comes to total luxury and service.

FINALLY among the thousands of tour companies, one that is SO service oriented, I couldn’t believe it.

No need to worry about your luggage since one of their staff gets it off the carousel then along with you gets it into the limo.

But before that, the staff member of Yatrik makes it manageable for you to get through customs and immigration as though you had a double Nexus in your pocket. It’s a breeze.

And you know that the millions of people in the sub continent are ever present so there’s a lot of pushing and shoving to get to be the next in the queue.

Now you’re in the limo and taken to the five star hotel of your choice, your eyes barely open, and believe it or not, you’ve been registered and checked in.

So next is some shut eye or perhaps a shower and a snooze before heading out onto the streets of tone of the cities that you’ve chosen along with the help of the Yatrik staff before you left.

English speaking, well informed guides, show you the city. But then there are the specialties…personal shoppers who can show you the top end boutiques and also specialists in Jewish community… so interesting to make sure you get to see and understand how the Jewish population in India, happened…and are still there.

Your wish is Yatzik’s challenge to please.

So if you’re planning or deciding on going anywhere in this vast continent, get in touch with bk@barbara3.com.