TORONTO REAL ESTATE IS ‘HOT’ and purchasing a home/condo of any size, is a true investment.


TORONTO’S, FOX MARIN, offers expert consultation, unparalleled customer service with the best-in-class marketing, branding and design.

We are consultants as well as real estate professionals. With the evolution of communications, and access to information we have evolved the way we do business, providing competitive, progressive methods and services to clients of all sizes and situations.

From a studio for a first time homebuyer to luxury homes and large scale developments, all clients benefit from our high standards of integrity and customer experience.

Kori_Look_2_1316_WebBut it’s our diverse business background and abundance of experience in sales, marketing, international business, account management and global travel that gives every client the true advantage of buying, selling and investing in real estate.

We want to be the best of partners, from start to finish, and long after.

Give us a call. No sales tactics. No contracts to sign. No hidden agendas. And absolutely no pressure.

And remember that Canada is one of the safest countries in the world in which to invest.