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Everything old is new again…that is if you live long enough.

For instance, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK. earlier this year  the very first thing I noticed was a very crowded exhibit of all ages…all here to see Christian Dior’s fabulous “new look”in 1947,  changing the entire fashion world with his longer skirt. The Gen X and Baby Boomers ,were agog. The fashions were thrilling

This was a courageous, rule breaking, adventurous take on fashion for those  women who do have wasp waists, Dior also introduced padded hips, and not a denim jean in sight.

Dior, fashion

However, that said, there are outfits that would suit the younger generation today since they would rave about  being funky or vintage  (great if you they could find a Dior) and also sophisticated. However, many of these wonderful designs would be worn with sneakers by the Gen X and Baby boomer generation, and would probably work.  Stiletto’s be gone!  

Nipped in waists, full back flowing coats, emphasis on sleeves. Yes, we can call this the year of the sleeve.

These styles still make a major statement for many who wear or wore them about 60 years ago.

And that’s before Marc Bohan, took over Dior .  Dior’s legacy lives on and with good reason.  They are dazzling..

Dior, fashion