“INDIA  changes people” wrote Ruth Prawar Jhabvala noted novelist. (Heat and Dust). 

 I’ve traveled the world and India is the ultimate experience. 

If it’s your first, trip, I’ll suggest the destinations “for starters”.  If even if it’s the fourth or more, my suggestions come from personal experiences.

Sure there’s sensory over load and a cacophony of honking horns but learning different cultures and their 4000 year history, is intriguing.

We’ll work together on booking top end hotels, restaurants that won’t give you Delhi belly, unique sites and English speaking guides with great knowledge of their country.

hotel, India

Yes, it’s a huge country and getting to know india may take a lifetime of visits.  But start and you’ll want more.

My associates in Delhi with offices throughout the sub continent, are always ready to assist.  They will even book your air flights and all other requests.

We guarantee this visit will be a wonderful, long lasting memory.

Just sit back, relax, and let that WOW factor happen – a true learning curve.

 So let me do the work  from reservations to interesting temples, synagogues, caves and trekking.   You’ll be looked after with the India velvet gloves treatment.

 Isn’t that’s what  luxury is all about?

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