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Tips for Women Solo Travellers

Firstly and above all, buy travel insurance with a clause to fly you home if necessary.

Even though we are “over” Covid19, there are variants.  It’s a good idea to don a mask on the plane.

On foreign streets and you’re not sure about the safety of the area or may have taken a wrong turn, and you’ll happen to be aware of men out for the evening, never make eye contact. Wear sunglasses before darkness descends.

Also, wear a wedding band whether you’re married or not (and it doesn’t need to have any flash! )

Try to adjust to the manners and customs of the country e.g. eating dinner at 6.30 PM in Spain for example, is almost breakfast for the Spaniards.  Think 10.30 PM and just decide on that time or don’t bother with the late meal.

Have a nice munch that you bought on the way back to your room.  It could be from an open-air market or supermarket. 

If your budget allows, order room service and have your ‘nosh’ delivered to your accommodations, with your feet up and the local TV on.

Besides, after a busy day, one is always tired.  Alternatively, eat at the hotel bar or cafe but never stray too far from streets with which you are not familiar.

And there’s always having a larger meal at lunch. 

Beware, be careful and have fun.