affordable luxury

it’s a necessity! … affordable luxury

Knitted furs are ‘light as a cloud’ and can be worn with ‘jeans or jewels’

The perfect travel companion

image002The blue Rex Rabbit, slightly flared vest  from Small to Extra Large US$350 plus shipping

The first time a socialite wrapped herself in a REX knitted coat she wrote

‘Darling, they expect me to be wrapped in mink and sable, but I am crazy for my new REX’. 

A knitted rex fur is luxuriously soft (ranks with chinchilla and sheared beaver)

Check below for the latest designs (hot off the runway) in knitted furs ..REX, MINK, FOX and more….


Rex Rabbit jacket from small to extra large. US$425 plus shipping


Knitted mink vest with hook closure from small to extra large.  US$475 plus shipping


Rex Fur short jacket comes in that blue (shown), beige, black and forest green in small,medium, large. Price US$425 plus shipping.

photo 3

The white knitted raccoon capelet comes in one size, US$175 plus shipping

To order please contact Barbara at, call 416 967 3930