Hechal Ezrra Synagogue: The synogogue across Hong Kong’s Harbour

Kehilat Zion synagogue is also known as Hechal Ezra synagogue. It was established in 1995 through the generosity of Max Abadi in memory of his late father, Ezra Abadi. Kehilat Zion currently boasts more than 900 members. The synagogue serves both the Sephardic Jewish community of Hong Kong and the many businessmen and tourists passing through the area. Rabbi Meoded, the chief Rabbi of the Hong Kong Sephardic Community, is Kehilat Zion’s spiritual leader.

Kehilat Zion synagogue is located in Tsim Sha Tsui East, a popular business and shopping district on the Kowloon side of the Victoria Harbour, in Hong Kong. The synagogue is just a short walk from many 5-star hotels and shopping centers. There is a daily minyan with services Monday to Friday from 7.15AM.

Kehilat Zion Synagogue offers weekday and Shabbat services. The synagogue provides visitors with a beautiful Shabbat and Holiday experience including Glatt Kosher gourmet meals served at Mul Hayam which was established three years ago. It caters to tourists, business people and the local community who are looking for a savory kosher meal in Kowloon. The restaurant features a combination of traditonal Jewish and Middle Eastern Food including crispy chicken and chicken soup and a wide range of Israeli dishes like falafel, hummus, tehina, Israeli Salad. Mul Hayam also offers favourite Yemited .deleicacies such as ‘cigars’ and kabe. The synagogue includes a large library of Jewish books.

The Israeli, Rabbi Meoded, delivers weekly Torah lectures and philosophical kiruv seminars geared for all levels. The Torahs are Sephardic.

Although there area few Bar Mitzvahs at this point there are no weddings taking place.

Kehilat Zion Hechal Ezra synagogue has been a ‘home-away-from-home’ for the past decade to Jewish visitors from around the world. It has been sustained through the generosity and assistance of the Sephardic Schecheber Center of Jerusalem, Mr. Joey Habert and members of the New York and Panama communities.

Shabbat Services:
Mincha/ Kabbalat Shabbat: after Candle lighting time
Shacharit: 9:00 am, Kiddush and Luncheon following the services
Mincha & Arvit: Announced on Shabbat morning, includes Seuda Shlishit