Bed Bugs – Top tips on how to avoid them

No matter how careful, clean and aware hotels are about controlling bed bugs, these pests have a way of insinuating themselves on unknowing guest, even in the top hotels in the world.  Hotels are teaching their staff about recognizing their presence and when necessary, most hotels immediately get customized treatment care for rooms where bed bugs have been detected.

A few tips for the traveller
– Keep luggage zipped.
– If you do want to leave your luggage open, use Vaseline (or any other gel) on the zipper.
– Don’t allow luggage to be on the floor or touching the wall.
– For more drastic measures, hang clothing on the shower curtain rack not in the closet and don’t use the drawers.
– Also check out the sheets for stains and if the headboard is not made of wood but covered with fabric, pull your bed away.
– Since bed covers aren’t always cleaned after every guest, even fancy bedspreads should be immediately removed and inform the front desk or housekeeper not to use these coverlets during your stay.

Enjoy your trips but as with other aspects of traveling, always be aware, in this case about these nasty pests.