Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa in Fiji…the stuff that dreams are made of…

My Club Room at Intercontinental

If you’re accustomed to and want only the best, then the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa Hotel in Fiji, has raised the bar. This relatively new complex in this exotic, sunny, dreamy destination will be the the catalyst for any other hotels to be built since the older accommodations, although still comfortable, are tired looking and often don’t have all the amenities you may like and want and perhaps, do and don’t work.

And what a start to a holiday especially if you’ve just landed after the long flight from Los Angeles on Air Pacific which is the flight I took. Since the flight leaves after midnight, unbelievable as it may sound, the morning meal in First and Business Class, was excellent with a non plastic tasting omelet, perfectly done sausages, flaky croissants and fresh fruit. Even the coffee was great. And there seemed to be an attendant only feet away if you happen to wake, or not sleep at all, like me. This wonderfully trained crew made sure to look after any needs during the 11 hour flight.

So if you’re reaching for the stars, head directly to this Intercontinental. It is certainly top of the line with three pools, one especially for the kiddies, another strictly for adults and the exquisitely designed pool at the private Executive Club accommodations. And of course, for golf lovers, there’s the perfectly maintained golf course.

The Executive Club suites are away from the main reception and lobby but it’s an easy walk down the hill or there are always golf carts and drivers available, no waiting around, to take you to the main building. These Executive Club accommodations are just a few metres from the small building which houses the private restaurant and seating areas. Of course, here the wonderful Executive Club is where you can eat all you meals and snacks overlooking the mountains, greenery and the visuals treats that Fiji’s main island offers up on a golden platter and also attend to business in the private business center available at no charge.

The suites are so seductive that it’s hard to leave. Who could resist the room’s outdoor ‘Cleopatra” bath tub with privacy curtaining? What a place to watch the sunrise while you soak in the large tub filled with supplied local coconut bath gel.

Meanwhile back at the main building, the Spa Intercontinental, for both men and women, is as grand as you could find anywhere with a fine menu of treatments especially the 90 minute ginger oil body massage, which I opted for and wanted it to go on for another hour or so. Natural and usually local ingredients are part of the Fiji tradition so there’s a hair treatment, skin repair, a cream to nourish and protect, antioxidants and properties to help lower blood pressure and creams to help increase blood circulation…all with the help of the fresh local ingredients – a Fiji ritual that seems to work since both Fijian men and the women have skin that is flawless, like stretched tawny silk.

The architecture of this hotel is so unique and original that it’s worthy of a visit just to see the incredibly designed set of buildings that manage to keep some traditional aspect such as the shape of Fijian rooftops. From the entrance, the concierge leads you down the long arcaded hall that ends in a triumph of interior design with exquisite and cleverly glass sculptures placed on low platforms and an intimate seating area. There’s such discretion that even when signing in, each receptionist is many feet from the other in this streamlined, understated area. It’s here that there are larger restaurants with a great choice in both food and wine. Three words describe the Intercontinental…simple, modern and exquisite.

And then to sleep. The Intercontinental Hotel, is the stuff that dreams are made of.


Bedroom and Cleopatra Tub