Recipes from the renowned Turtle Island resort in Fiji

On the very exclusive Turtle Island, a 35 minute float plane flight from Nadi on the largest island, Viti Levu – is  a resort of the same name.

At Turtle Island, water sports, on land activities and cooking lessons are included at this exclusive ‘club’ where only 30 guest can be accommodated in the traditional but certainly updated bures (cottages).

On a sunny morning on the verandah overlooking the multi aqua blue waters, two  of the resort’s chefs showed their talent with easy to make recipes.  For more information about Turtle Island, go to Hotels and Destinations on WWW.INDULGEDTRAVELER.COM



300 gram   Fish fillet

1/2 cup shredded tomato and onion

500 ml coconut cream

1 tsp sliced ginger

Salt and pepper to taste.

Bok Choy… don’t over do it since this will overwhelm the delicate flavor



Place fish in the pot with coconut cream and sliced ginger

Bok choy  as many as you like

When the coconut cream starts to simmer, add shredded tomato, onion and Bog Choy

Season with salt and pepper

Let it boil so that the coconut cream will cover the fish and vegetables

Don’t over cook.


500 grams  boneless chicken breast

3 tsp onions

2 tsp garlic

1 tbsp turmeric powder

1 tbsp curry powder

1 tbsp Masala powder

1 cup coconut cream

Salt to taste

2 tbsp fresh chilies

3 tbsp cilantro..optional

3 tbsp Canola oil

1 tsp cumin seed

¼ cup water


Put oil in the pot and sauté onion and garlic until brown

Add turmeric, curry and Masala powder, cumin and stir until well combined then add chicken

Stir chicken and the whole mixture and leave for some time to cook .

Add water

Season to taste

Add coconut cream, fresh chilies and cilantro

Taste if you need more seasoning.