Entrepreneur and fitness guru, David “Patch” Patchell-Evans, has opened a large, modern, glassed-in, fitness centre at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1, Gate F.

This is one of “Patch’s” newest inspirations in his over 300 Canadian fitness clubs.

For those who have had their flight cancelled, delayed, or waiting for a late arrival, here you could get exercise togs, shoes, and shower even after checking your luggage.

Opening night at Pearson Airport fitness area, had all the balloons and whistles, including a great DJ, Flohback Productions, and a table laden with food that made you want to get onto one of the over 100 exercise facilities.

“This is a great milestone for any major world class city airport. Facilities like this are often not available.”, said Patch to over a hundred invited guests. “We have the best facilities and working out is often part of people’s lifestyle.”