Top 5 Holiday Tips From Newtopia’s Health Experts‏

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With the Holidays around the corner there are many healthy lifestyle concerns, which daunt us.  How can I stay healthy and fit and still enjoy some Holiday cheer? How can I look my best, feel my best and be my best?


Holiday Tips:

Top 5 low cal drinks and top 5 low cal desserts and hors d’oeuvres to have during the holidays


Top 5 hors hors d’oeuvres:

1. shrimp cocktail

2. sashimi

3. grilled chicken breast on a skewer

4. sushi

5. vegetable crudite


Top 5 drinks:

1. Sparkling water with lemon or lime

2. Espresso, cappuccino or latte  (unsweetened)

3. Classic martini with a twist

4. Unsweetened liquor on the rocks, neat or with water or club soda (such as scotch, gin or vodka)

5. Dry wine


Top 5 desserts:

1. Your absolute favourite holiday cookie or dessert that is only available at this time of year…make sure it is a mouthwatering 10/10

2. fresh fruit

3. a serving of port, brandy, cognac or other sweetened sipping aperitif

4. fresh fruit gelato (made with real fruit, not a powder mix

5. Dark chocolate 70% cocoa or higher


Holiday Psychology, to deal with Stress & Over indulgence 

Trick your mind into avoiding that extra drink, chocolate:

– In order to cut back on overdoing it with extra drinks during Holiday parties and social events,

– Stick to a regular eating, exercise and sleep schedule as much as possible despite a busy party or event-going schedule.

– Do not go to Holiday parties/events starving.


Avoid stress during the Holidays:

– Stick as close to your sleep schedule as possible, despite the late nights.

– Practice setting limits and saying no.

– Practice an effective means of relaxation and use it regularly.

– Take care of yourself. Allow yourself some “quiet time,” even if it’s just 15 minutes a day


Holiday Exercise to Shed Pounds & Increase Metabolism

Top 5 calorie burning and metabolize boosting exercises.   In a Holiday Time Crunch, get some quick exercises in that will burn up all those extra calories.


Bodyweight exercises are an excellent way to boost your metabolism and burn calories. Try the following:

1. Tricep Dips off of one leg

2. Chinups

3. Pushups

4. Alternating between forward and side lunges

5. Squats with an overhead press


For Cardio:

– Choose your favourite cardio exercise- running, cycling, cross country skiing or even walking etc and perform it via interval training. 30 seconds fast, 1.5 minutes slow and repeat 8-10x.