Cooking in Antigua II

Gwendolyn Maureen Tonge is an 84 year old Antiguan treasure. This lady is a treat. Not only is the Caribbean woman a Dame, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II a former Senator in Antigua’s parliament, a cook book author and among her many university degrees, she is a graduate from University of Guelph in Home Economics. Auntie Gwyn is also a famous TV celebrity with weekly on- air cooking classes, Cooking Magic, is one of the most watched shows with little pretense since it’s shot in her modest kitchen. And the recipes are so fast and easy that she doesn’t feel the need to give classes since “my show is a classroom” .So when you’re in Dominica, Leeward Islands, Barbuda and of course, Antigua, look for her well ‘attended’ TV cooking lesson and learn about stuffed plantains and Bread Fruit to guava jam, stewed conchs and okra soup.