Cooking in Bangkok

My rosy red radish should have had the elegance of that floral beauty, but instead my artistic endeavor was a pitiful failure. The veggie certainly didn’t carve up the way Kim’s did. Hers had glorious petals, flaring as they should. How come it looked so easy when she demonstrated this craft at the vegetable carving class I was taking at the famed Oriental Hotel in Bangkok?

This was my first cooking class and perhaps I should have avoided the carving class choosing instead salad making! However, many more cuisine experiences were to follow where my prowess with pots, pans and local produce was much improved.

Across Bangkok’s inner city Chao Phrya River, from the famed over 130 year old Oriental Hotel, where the world’s luminaries have lingered, a state of the art cooking complex offers an experience that more and more travellers are requesting. There are classes for almost every Thai dish. Held Monday to Saturday from 9AM-12.30PM, the timing leaves the afternoon free to wander about this vibrant city of contradictions which boasts of markets and soaring skyscrapers.