Cooking in India

Once a hotel chain knows it’s on to a good thing, they tend to feature it at most of their hotels. Aman resorts, a five star resort chain if ever there was one, saw the raising popularity in cookery as a favoured experience for their guests.

Many want to know how to cook authentic recipes and they can always count on one on one session with the chefs. However, as these classes become more popular, the instructions are becoming more structured.

In India (Ranthambhore, Rajasthan) for example, Am1n-i-Khas doesn’t not have a set menu but the chef talks with each guest and plans their menu during their stay. For instance, if a guest wants have hands-on classes, they go off to the organic vegetable gardens to select the veggies and herbs. This is followed by kitchen duties such as roasting and grinding spices for their own fresh Marsala curry. Indian food is slowly cooked and then served for dinner.