Coral Gables, Miami, Fort Lauderdale Shopping

The crème de la crème of fashion clients head to Bal Harbor and Coral Cables’ Village of Merrick Park, for the best of the best. Bal Harbor shops in the gloriously designed open air mall is where you’ll find all the top labels has the ambience for meandering while viewing the latest from Dior, Chloe, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta, to name but a few top named designers.

Joaillerie Chanel

WHO.; Although ‘uber’ designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, oversees every aspect of the company’s fine, precious jewellery, there is a designer with whom he works. He a man of extremes and this King of Fashion, enjoys seeing these pricey, often triple digit thousand dollar pieces mated with Chanel’s fashion/costume jewellery.

WHO IS WEARING; They are everyone who can afford and appreciates the most creative, sensuous designs in jewellery today. Since Coco was very spiritual, the celestial always intrigued Madame. Diamonds are encrusted on the moon and stars of the famed open ended neckpieces. Lagerfeld ‘s own signature is always present as seen in one of the most popular watches, the ‘J 12’ collection. The ceramic band (this on-trend look now available, has a rubber band) in white or black are interchangeable for men and women. The smaller size, with or without the diamonds, rubies, sapphires offers up the perfect size petites.

MUST HAVES; Of course, strands and strands of pearls are de rigueur. Madame Coco layered them by the dozen. Often spaced with gemstones and even CC signature charms, these timeless gems are the crème de la crème for Chanel devotees.

TEL. 305 868 0550 suite165 E

Jimmy Choo

WHO; . What woman doesn’t have a shoe fetish. This plaza is shoe heaven. It’s so Sex in the City that Carrie would spend a day just admiring the selections . Although Malaysian born, London- based shoe designer par excellence founded this addicting footwear company in 1996, Choo sold 51% to his partner, Tamara Mellon ,who has taken it a step forward with each season’s newest collection of foot candy.

WHO IS WEARING; There are few famous celeb who haven’t been seen wearing Choo. From the late Diana, The Princess of Wales to actors Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta -Jones and Kate Hudson, the most fashion- dedicated women find their balance even the highest heeled shoe. And it’s worth every painful step for sheer beauty in every colour .

MUST HAVE; The newest collection is Choo 24/7. And so from platforms, stilt- like heels to low heeled pumps and walkable flats, the shopper with a multi personality disorder will consider all the styles. Besides, Choo 24/7 is considered the DNA of the company.

ARCHITECTURE; Comfortable, with the softest leather and perfect skins, they come in a palette of playful colours and of course, black.

TEL. 305 864 3656, unit 259

100 % Capri

WHO; Antonio Aiello who owns shops in Capri, Sicily, Rome, St. Barts and Bal Harbor designs a casual line of easy to wear clothing, with millisecond trends for hot climes.

WHO IS WEARING; This very discreet shop gets all the celebs (and there are many in the winter months) who live in the vicinity plus the ‘snowbirds’ who flock down south to escape the cold and snow and just about everyone that wants to look casually chic.

MUST HAVE; The name. 100% Capri, is the essential Floridian outfits- simple but oh so chic. With hot days and sultry, balmy nights men prefer the white button down linen shirt. Although the main thrust is white and natural imported Italian linen, there are pieces in navy and chocolate brown. As for the glowing faced females, their choices are all classic from pants to shirts and a heavier linen cardigan.

ARCHITECTURE; So what if the finest linen creases. The Italians love it and the rest of the world is finally catching on that these packable, easy to wear, soft and most comfortable unstructured units make up the best summer wardrobe. Besides, if there are going to be acceptable creases, it’s preferable on the clothing than on the face since most well educated Floridians are obsessed with that wrinkle factor.

Their new address is Suite 218A currently at suite 236 TEL 305 866 4117

VILLAGE OF MERRICK PARK Coral Cables. Anchored by Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom with a hot bed of fashion shops in between.

358 San Lorenzo Ave. Tel. 305 529 0200

H. Stern Jewellers

WHO; Hans Stern, originally an immigrant from Germany who settled in Brazil, realized the immense mother lode of semi precious stones in his adopted country and as they say, the rest is history. Now there is a herd of designers who are the darlings of the company with their designs showing up in Stern’s global boutiques. H. Stern’s name has become a brand synonymous with the best gem stones and designs.

WHO IS WEARING; The roster of clients indicate the popularity of this well known treasure trove of gems with amazing designs in precious metals and semi precious and precious stones, mainly from Brazil. Again, discretion is their motto and with impact making statement jewellery where prices soar, few want their names mentioned. Makes sense! But, of course, a connoisseur would know straight off that a piece is from H. Stern.

ARCHITECTURE; The more modern the piece, angular and structural especially in the ring collection, outsell other jewellery choices.

342 San Lorenzo Ave. TEL. 305 443 8887


WHO; She’s a Colombian born designer with definite ideas for women. Designs are for the ultra feminine woman made with frills and chiffons that men adore and women feel, well, like women. Sexy, sensuous and so darn glamourous.

WHO IS WEARING; If you want to be a head turner and with the competition in this part of Florida, Silvia’s gowns which look like a cloud floating by of chiffon, certainly not be soon forgotten

358 San Lorenzo Ave. TEL. 305 416 0009