Valentina Bruganetti’s Ageless Jewellery

Jewellery designer - BruganettiStrange things happen when you least expect it. Here I was in Jerusalem, interviewing the then manager of The American Colony Hotel, Thomas Bruganetti. Chatting about this and that, he asked what I wrote besides hotels. Oh, I said innocently, jewellery is one of my great passion.

Voila, his sister who was visiting Jerusalem from Italy and now based in France is a jewellery designer.jewellery design, enamel ring

Quickly, I said I wanted to meet with her. Valentina Bruganetti is dynamic, attractive, and above all, her jewellery would be perfect for making a statement on the Red Carpet, for instance #Julia Foster and #Glenn Close, who are both fearless when it comes to their choices in clothing and jewellery. But of course, the younger set would also go mad for her designs. #Jennifer Anniston among them.

Valentina’s inspiration comes from the colours and shapes of nature which she then reinvents and enhances her enamel work as well as other metals.

Jewellery design - enamel necklaceShe has had a marvellous group of designers for whom she has created irresistible items including Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent and other top labels. And with the ability to speak fluent French, there isn’t a problem for her to converse with these designers.

Her pieces are what I would call statement pieces. They are large and certainly hard to miss. They are difficult to ignore.

Bracelets, neckpieces and rings are her specialties but she often offers earrings.Jewellery design - earring

Her penchant is enamel which isn’t an easy medium to work. And that is only one of her choices since she also uses gold, silver and other metals.

But Valentina’s designs which she oversees as the craftsmanship, is perfection. And her semi precious stones which are not neglected, are shir crated in Milan.

Now edging on 50 years old, the modernity of each design works for women half her age as well as older.

Ageless jewellery at its best.