Daniell’s Tavern – New Delhi’s Imperial Hotel

New Delhi’s Imperial Hotel is on the radar for travelers who appreciate the best.  Not only is this the hotel of choice where royalty and celebs stay, it’s also located in the centre of this busy metropolis.

Daniell's TavernDaniell's Tavern

The stunning gardens and long driveway keep out the noise of the constant honking, and the rooms are equaled by the fabulous restaurants.

Daniell's TavernDaniell's TavernAnd now Daniell’s Tavern (not at all a pub) has come out with a mouth watering menu.


Daniell's Tavern








Merchants Bounty(Keerai Masial)

Ingredients: Method:
1/4 cup shaved fennel
10 drops lemon juice
4, 8 oz portions sockeye salmon (boneless, skin on)
1/2 tsp smoked sea salt
1 cup assorted vegetables
8 baby potatoes (approx 2 cups)
Sprig of dill or sprouts for garnish
Mustard Olive Oil Dressing
2 tbsp grainy mustard
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
Shave fennel thinly on a mandolin and add lemon juice to avoid oxidation.
Pan-fry salmon skin-side down and finish in the oven at 350° F for eight
minutes. Sauté fresh trimmed vegetables and season. Roast baby red potatoes
in oven until cooked and season. Prepare Mustard Olive Oil dressing as a
vinaigrette and season.