Marrakech, Morocco

I don’t care what anyone says about loving or detesting Marrakech, Morocco. But for me it’s the delightful sensory overload and I loved every minute. Sure staying at one of the fine hotels like the Amanjena Hotel is part of the patchwork quilt that makes this very colourful city a series in the study of contrasts. Even the late and great fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent had an affinity since he purchased a stunning very deep blue and un-missible mansion here. Marrakesh was also where many of his fashion inspirations came from. But of course, it’s the throbbing souk, Djemaa el Fna that is the centre of attraction. Next to the dentist about to pull the tooth of some local, probably in too much pain to think of an alternative, is a sheep’s head being sold with other unrecognizable animal parts. Snake charmers, magicians, story tellers, acrobats, ever present touts who can easy be shooed away but somehow always show up again and even drug lords can be found. Nighttime is food time where most of the stalls are filled with delectable local food. But if shopping is your thrill then the adjacent covered market where the marvelous merchandise from rugs to jewellery shops, slippers, shoes and silks. are located. And it’s here I perfected my art of bargaining. So with a cup of mint tea, some small talk, no one seemed miffed if the potential buyer wanted to think about the item. The scents and scenes of the city, the colour and textures, the noise and shoving makes returning to your hotel an oasis in the desert after a day of new, memorable adventures.