Orilla The City of Smiles

Famed Canadian (and international ) artist Charles Pachter should have been a party planned. His wedding to Keith Lem, an up and coming artist, was the celebrations to beat all. Writer Margaret Atwood, a childhood friend was in attendance as was the Lieutenant  Governor, Supreme Court Judge, Rosalie Ablela, and heads of this corp and that biz.

It wasn’t held in Toronto, but in the town, Orillia, where writer, award winning humourist, writer, Stephen Leacock left an indelible large footprint on this small Ontario, Canada, town.

But when Pachter wanted a place to put his feet up, not too far from his Moose Factory (he’s famous for the Queen on the Moose painting) in Toronto. He found a very modest house, redid it to contemporary architecture, then bought another with a huge property, which revived the city.

Getting back to the subject of the article, my question to him, was where to stay for his wedding. The Stonegate Hotel, told me without hesitation. I expected a typical, sort of seedy, inn on the outskirts of this town. Was I surprised when I discovered this terrifically modern, 10 year old, 48 room hotel. 

We were too early for check in and asked, if we didn’t mind, sitting in the lounge. Here, there was coffee, a fireplace, although in the heat of this summer that’s the last thing we wanted to hear. But what a charming and cozy room. It was more like a ‘cottage’ that people rush up to on weekends, away from the bustling crowd.

The lounge layout was small and pleasant duplicating the upholstery and another fireplace in the lobby.

My suite was super. A small kitchen with microwave, a coffee maker, a few pots and pans (which, of course. I had no intentions of using) with an open concept flowing into the living room with flat TV.

It was so comfortable to be able relax after a bumper to bumper trip from Toronto, usually an 1 1/2 hour trip but today, being a holiday weekend, it took 3 sweaty hours …It was 33c (95f) with a humidity of 37c ( over100 f).

Ah, the bedroom, small but perfect, clean beyond expectations and the loo had two entrances, one from the bedroom, the other from the hallway. The amenities were great quality plus it had a most unusual shaped triangular with jets tub. There was also the nicely sized shower.

Next morning at a supposed- to -be Continental breakfast, instead there were eggs, waffles, cheese, bagels, cereals. Every table was filled with almost the 48 room occupants and although there were a few of the wedding guests, the other were like old pals. Chatting about the town, some had come for business, others to cottage country. This was a truly cozy and wonderful stay.

The Stonegate Inn, Orillia Ontario
437 Laclie St.
705 329 2535