Rose Thierry plus more sophisticated Mexican designers than expected in Puerto Vallarta. Retail pleasures to satisfy the most savvy Boomers to active seniors.

It seems I’m never at a loss when I want to find a top jewelry designer.  Little did I know when I was in Puerto Vallarta that I would happen to locate one of the most imaginative, amusing, charming designers with a most delightful, pixie personality.

Mexican born, Rose-Thierry, designer, owner of Rose-Thierry Boutique, reminded me so much of Audrey Hepburn and perhaps unconsciously it was due to the ropes of pearls in her vitrines at her small, and ‘funky’ venue. There are also more than jewelry that this young Mexican born designer has hanging from racks and wall hooks.

Rose Thierry with a texture hand made shawl
Rose Thierry with a texture hand made shawl

To stay with her unique persona, at the inside entrances is a white contemporary mannequin that is so very eye-catching that this sculpture seems to beckon visitors for a look-see and also venture into this shop painted in several very noticeable colors and patches of patterns .  From here, there’s an entrance which continues into her husband’ s very auspicious, popular restaurant, Cafe des Artistes, in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. Rose is open only when the restaurant is and that’s usually from 6pm to midnight.


On this cobble stoned street, the adorable boutique has one-of-a-kind, made-by-hand items that are often whimsical as well as serious.  Although Rose loves pearls, she obviously takes delight in working with feathers and fabrics. Even earrings, rings, bracelets and neckpieces,are made with silk and often sprinkled with small, colored , crystal stones. Rose has great relations with good stone dealers but also travels to Europe for a more complete selection. These items show the enjoyment she takes by  uniting colors and shapes that come together so well that it’s difficult not to want one of her unique designs.


Because she uses Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds, her prices are not inexpensive but would certainly not be the price had they been made with gems stones.  The shawls and scarves are small masterpieces as she again puts most unusual textures, colors and fabrics together at her upstairs atelier with two other craftspeople.

Located at Guadalupe Sanchez #740.  Tel 322 222 3228


Another jeweler is at The Opal Mine.  A shop with a most unusual combination of large bronze statues of miners and glass cases filled with a lode of various sized opals in almost every color.  Australia is usually thought of as the only country that mines and produces opals.  They produce 95% of the world’s output.  Mexico, mines 5% and has quality opals of unique coloration.


Paseo Diaz Orda #528  Tel. 322 223 3896


While on the shopping excursion, there are a few truly glamorous shops, but truly not many.

Well known design label Pineda Covalin, are two designers who teamed up several years ago. Their silk printed scarves, bags, shoes, tops and small accessories including sun glasses, can also be found at the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta but also at other international airports in Mexico. Now these lovely printed silk items are being exported to USA, Canada and Europe.  Much to my disappointment, the savvy shoppers before my arrival, left so little for me to ponder over, since during high season  when I was visiting, the stock was reduced to little to choose from. How lovely it would have been to have a matching print clutch or handbag with either a scarf or top or shoes. Each of these had few sizes left.

In the Zen oasis of the Casa Velas Boutique Hotel (and adult only, all-inclusive, swanky place) with crystal waters, luxury and comfort, this tropical escape  has a small exceptional shop (they are planning to double the size this year, 2014), but items are sold so quickly, especially the Mexican -designed pieces, that timing is everything.


At the sister Velas Hotel just across the golf course, is larger boutique with more options from laser cut handbags and resort wear to cute ballerina shoes and of course more jewelry. One could spend retail therapy time here since just trying on the various items that include a mix hand stitched organza and silk tops that don’t scream, Mexico, and could be worn on any island resort or on a hot summer day in the city. In fact all their merchandise is Mexican made but obviously they have taken notice that merchandise of this calibre isn’t a souvenir.


And about 20 minutes from the two Velas mentioned above, is perhaps the best boutique of all.  Part of Velas Resorts Group is Grand Velas Riviera, Nayarit,  known for  award winning restaurant, Piaf, a well deserved, AAA Four Diamond restaurant.  In this very contemporary and very large (267 spacious suites) building, I’m not surprise to find the boutique is triple the size of the others and has the best choice of just about any exquisite accessories, silk dresses, blouses, tops and bottoms plus  stylish handbags. clothing, linen pants, men’s wear (limited) and fashion jewelry. The shop seems to really know who their demographics are. Prices are far less expensive than compared to similar items in the USA and Canada.  All items are Mexican made.

So after you’ve treated yourself to a great a great buffet breakfast, terrific spa treatment, dutifully went to the gym, had a cool martini, a dip in the ocean or pool, hit some golf balls,  it’s time  to spend some time in the city centre and discover old Puerto Vallarta with its cobblestoned streets, a lighthouse which has the best panoramic view,  peek into art galleries to see the fine art that’s available and shop. Don’t expect too much glamor but get your souvenirs at the plethora stands. Sounds like the perfect day in surprisingly lovely surroundings and even get the opportunity to mix with the friendly locals.