Perhaps one of the most impressive and also most unusual cooking classes was more like The Flintstone’s version. On the very blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, in the Tuamotu Islands. is one of the most beautiful hotels at which I’ve stayed The over the water cabins had removable glass table tops so guests can feed the fish from their room – a good reason to stay in-cabin except that I was scheduled to go snorkeling and hand fishing with the hotel’s guide, Kana. Little did I know that hand fishing meant holding a large piece of carved wood with dozens of metres of fishing wire wrap around. When the hi speed boat dropped anchor we dropped the so-called fishing rod after tuna was added to the hook. Very soon, I had caught a mali mali, red snapper and a grouper. One of my fishing mates actually hooked a smallish shark which was thrown back. These were soon to be our lunch. Kana has arranged for these tours, a small motu (island) where he has built an open sided structure with benches and tables, and all the necessary accoutrements. The BBQue was quickly heated and soon the noon meal was grilling and sizzling. During the cooking time, Kana actually climbed a coconut tree and dropped a few down to the ground. Very soon he had us grating the coconut then straining it for the ‘milk’ which we mixed into poisson cru (raw tuna and various veggies) with coconut the milk. Our fabulous lunch was served with not even a morsel left to throw to the waiting colourful fish. This repast in the sun in the middle of the South Pacific was a great lesson of how to grill the catch of the day.