Samantha Wills, from ‘down under’, this jewelry designer is now top of the heap

by Barbara Kingstone


Being featured in The Sunday New York Times’ style section just confirmed what jewelry fashionistas already knew. Australian born Samantha Wills is not only trendy and popular with celebs and savvy shoppers ‘down under’ but she’s also taken the Big Apple by storm. New Yorkers love her jewelry designs.

Helen Of Troy Portrait Of NightBorn in North Sydney, the glamorous lanky, blond, always wanted to be involved with jewelry. What makes her designs so desirable is that they may look terribly pricey but in fact, they are unbelievably affordable.

Although Wills did take beading and craft classes during her childhood, she never had a formal jewelry- making education but looking at her designs, one would imagine that she’s been at work for years with an output of a scholarly jewelry thesis. But it’s only been since 2004, then 21 years old, Wills took the bold step, and opened her business, obviously with the right stuff at the right time.

Distance TimeRomancing The StoneFrom fragile chandelier earrings and delicate pendants, she now has a bolder collection of not-for-the-meek-of-heart which includes rings and bangles featuring huge stones in the most creative electroplated (silver covered with gold) designs. Wills currently employs staff and silversmiths internally in each country.

She works with antique/burnished silvers and golds, gun metal silvers and now rose gold plating. And it’s small wonder that the “colors and shapes, from landscapes to door knobs” are inspired by her travels.

These ‘fake’ stones are sourced in from various parts of the world,depending where this peripatetic young woman is on the globe-could be India or maybe China. But now that she has an atelier in New York City and still keeps her headquarters in Sydney, bouncing from coast to coast, from ocean to ocean doesn’t seem to be a problem.ConcordiaLaVieEnRose R Amber

Although one would think Mills would have a stand- alone boutique in Australia,
she makes life easier and sells wholesale to Australia’s leading department store, David Jones, plus various national boutiques and also in New Zealand and Japan.

In New York, it is only logical that the important fashion-forward major stores are now carrying her various collections. Think Barney’s, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Ave and you immediately know she’s the “flavor of the year”.

But if ever there was a pivotal year for Wills, it was 2010 when the ‘uber’ fashion maven, Patricia Field, of Sex in The City fame, called for her samples. Then there was the collaboration with the designer of Luca Luca for the very successful New York Fashion week parade.

And when you’re in demand, the reality is that the demand only gets greater since Wills was soon working closely with an ever growing celebrity client list.

But the business woman has another side. Philanthropy. As of 2011, Wills become active in The McGrath Foundation and has created a limited edition of pink pieces for breast cancer awareness. All the proceeds go to the fund. She also supports REDKITE, a youth cancer charity.

Jeweler Samantha Wills, has taken a big bite out of the Big Apple and with her great style and energy, she’s in the perfect place- in the city that never sleeps and loves shopping