Unfortunately for Travelers, the information for Shanghai is rather succinct….

There is one source for kosher prepared food in town, and we are it. For weekdays,twenty-four hour advance reservations are required. People have the option of Chinese style or Western style cuisine. The menu is set, and the cost is US $24 for dinner (200 RMB) and $12 for lunch (100 RMB). Please refer to our website for our restaurant information, and also important food-related information for traveling in China: http://www.chinajewish.org/faq.htm#Kosher

Kosher packaged foods with a hechsher (granola bars, breakfast cereals, canned vegetables) are hard to find, being carried by only a handful of specialty stores scattered in various areas of the city. They are also expensive, as they are imported from the U.S. We strongly advise those who are traveling to bring all or most of their foods with them. Even fresh fruit is a problem in China. Fruit could be eaten but should be scrubbed with disinfectant soap, distilled water (NOT tap water) and preferably boiled before eating. For your own safety, never eat fruit from the vendors on the streets.

There is no mikvah (Hong Kong has one).

We are the only shul in Shanghai (the ones from the WWII era have become government buildings and are not functional)

If you need any additional information, it can probably be found on our website: http://www.chinajewish.org

Rabbi Shalom Greenberg
Shanghai Jewish Center

Shangmira Garden, Villa #2
1720 HongQiao Road
Shanghai, China 200336

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