Arjan: a Bulgarian beverage of water mixed with yoghurt

A Bulgarian breakfast might start with some of Bulgaria’s yogurt, with a delicious strudel made with spinach or cheese (banitza). For variety, I highly recommend a krenvirshka. This is a basic, hot-dog-like sausage, wrapped and baked in a light bread pastry.

For lunch or dinner, there might be a mixed salad with sheep milk cheese (“shopska salata”) followed by a tasty stew of meat or pork with paprikas (“slav gyuvech”) or vegetables (“gyuvech zarzavat”), stuffed peppers, vine leaves’ sarmi, or aubergines. You might want to enjoy some of the Turkish and Middle Eastern desserts such as baklava (flaky pastry stuffed with crushed pistachio nuts coated in a sweet syrup) and kadayif (shredded wheat stuffed with nuts in syrup). There is also a great variety of cakes filled with buttercream, fruit, or chocolate as well as ice cream.