Pla Cod Phad Prig Daeng

Fried cod with red chilli sauce and green pepper corn

Pla Cod


5 g chopped big red chilli (no seed)
5 g chopped small garlic
4 g chopped pickle garlic
2 g crushed small chilli
22 g cooking oil
23 g oyster sauce
15 g fish sauce
1 g ground white pepper
1 g white sugar
2 g green pepper corn
some thin sliced kaffir lime leaf
180 g cod
66 g stock
some basil leaves for decoration


  1. pan fried cod with some salt and pepper
  2. heat the oil in a wok, then add garlic chilli pickle garlic
  3. seasoning with fish sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and ground white pepper and stock
  4. keep stir in a wok, add fish sauce, then put some on the plate, top with pan fry fish, then pour sauce mixture on top fry fish

* before serve sprinkle with thin slice kaffir lime leaves, some basil leaves, green pepper corn and stir-fried sweet green bean, basil leaves, ivy with garlic and fish sauce

Pla Cod

Vichit Mukura

Executive Thai Chef and Senior Consultant
Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Born in the seaside resort city of Pattaya in the province of Chonburi, Chef Vichit Mukura developed a passion for cooking at the early age of nine years old when his mother taught him how to make curry paste by pounding chilli with a pestle and mortar.

His career in the culinary industry spans over two decades during which he has worked in various hotels around Thailand.

As an ambassador of Thai cuisine, Chef Vichit has since 1987 travelled around the world spreading the art of this exotic cuisine. His numerous Thai cuisine promotional trips have taken him to prestigious hotels and restaurants in many countries including Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and The United States of America.

Chef Vichit is also a widely-respected authority on Thai cuisine and writes regularly for several food as well as lifestyle magazines. He has appeared as a Guest Chef on many TV cooking programmes, both local as well as international.