WHO; It’s the perfect name for eco friendly shoppers with a passion for the best, high quality clothing and the first in the city to ‘go green’

WHO IS WEARING.; Environmentally friendly femmes who are concerned about the globe’s future but still want tasteful clothing.

MUST HAVE; If you love the feel of bamboo, soy, hemp , then this is the place for casual outfits. Take a hike, go biking, feel the inner self at yoga, stretch to your heart’s content at Pilates and fill your life with activities from morning to night in these well designed and oh so comfortable designs.

164 Newbury Street. Tel. 617 764 0771


WHO; It’s a rare treat to discover a boutique that has the feel of a treasure hunt in a treasure trove of one size fits most. And since there aren’t masses of one style, you won’t see yourself coming and going in the same outfit on this trendy street. Ah, what a disaster that would be!

WHO IS WEARING; It’s for the chick who doesn’t have to be young but has to love flirty, saucy, cute and ruffled styles but more frou frou than mainline. But there’s also a soupcon of sophisticated cocktail wear.

MUST HAVE: This affordable clothing emporium has the ultimate feminine clothing and surprisingly aren’t that cookie cutter cult.. And here you’ll find lovely, in style, prints that work on the silk and cotton blend outfits.

156 Newbury St. Tel. 617 236 1238


WHO; Here’s a shop that you simply can’t live without. Although it was once synonymous for their racks of little black dresses, they now include deliciously wondrous accessories and top labels. It’s considered one of the 10 best places for haute shopping on this tony street with nearby other high end European boutiques.

WHO IS WEARING; No longer the prissy city, there’s an edge here with designs from Phillip Lim, T Los Angeles and Yumi Kin. Denims from MH jeans, shoes by Vanessa Bruno and Florentini + Bike. Handbags by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

ARCHITECTURE; Spacious and bright but not overwhelming with consistently simple, neat displays on tables and uncrowded, crushed racks.

221 Newbury St. TEL; 617 424 7125


WHO; Once a shop in a basement, now the location is larger yet a refreshingly unfussy establishment. The prove is in the premises. Clients loved the look, they made this the perfect place for the pleasure of purchasing.

WHO IS WEARING; It’s for the customer who doesn’t always play it safe and the unexpectedly edgy merchandise for both men and women are a triumph over the meek, mild, so conservative city patrons.

MUST HAVE; Perhaps the labels the thing. Nom de Guerre, Alexander Wang are so unpretentious and with a mix of amusement and style.

334 Newbury St. TEL; 617 262 3348


WHO; This is the place to splurge. For the affluent but busy fashionista, the personal service is impressive.

WHO IS WEARING; Bostonians are hooked on these classy modes. Not only are they for the female executive or ‘the wife of’, this pricey palace of plenty of pizzazz sets a standard with exclusivity with labels such as Chloe, Daryl K. and Catherine Malandrina..

MUST HAVE; The clientele is so ‘in’ that the generic wrap dress is so very ‘out’. And from stilettos to sandals and a wide variety of the latest in accessories, it’s difficult to find a greater selection.

186 Newbury St. TEL; 617 236 5172