Loews Vogue Hotel, is as stylish as it sounds

The very first time I stayed at Montreal’s Vogue Hotel (not a Loews at that time) was during the annual Montreal Grand Prix race. That was about a decade ago and the screeching of fans out side made it necessary to rope off an area for them  so that the drivers could exit and enter.

Vogue hotel montrealMost recently, when I had to be in Montreal, it didn’t take long to make my decision of where I wanted to stay.  Vogue is so well located, across from the legendary Ogilvy Department store where bagpipers start the day,where many of the salespeople have been there for decades, where being polite and friendly is part of their daily work.

Also, the location is within walking distance of some of this gourmet city’s fine cafes and restaurants and window shopping is a bonus  with the variety of chic boutiques between St. Catherine Street, the main street, to Sherbrooke Street, the swanky ‘rue’.

The former corporate business office building has been most successfully re adapted into this fine and so stylish boutique hotel.

I wasn’t surprised when I arrived to see a mob of young people, again mulling about in the front and screaming with enthusiasm as a singing group then a hockey team, made their way in and out.

However, once inside, the first greeting and calling card, is one of the largest, most impressive large, seasonal colored floral arrangement the lobby’s round  table, lobby central, actually arranged weekly by the florist at Agility.  The smart, discreet  reception desk is staffed with  caring staff and just off to one side, under a circular industrial looking staircase is a small but always busy bar and cafe.  Alfredo and Rasheed, immediately asked my name and during my stay remembered it, making me feel part of this very posh family atmosphere.  A larger restaurant was almost completed and ready to open.

However, I think when I return, I’ll ‘take’ my breakfast at the cafe since it’s just a great perch for seeing what’s going on outside from the large windows.

I mentioned on my first cup of coffee, while waiting for my room (only 15 minutes since I was early), that if possible I would want a table for 6 on Saturday morning.  This is a bit of a challenge since the tables are for two and with a push, three.  However, come Saturday, in a corner, without feeling cramped, there was my table ready and waiting as I was greeted by these two wonderful and humorous wait staff men, one from the Middle East, the other from South America.

Safety is prime although Montreal isn’t known as dangerous.  However, it seems to be the policy of the hotel that guests feel safe and with the cache of celebrities, it’s very wise of the hotel to keep a close eye at all times.  For instance, to enter my room, I had to use my plastic swipe card to get into the  foyer area that led to the small cluster of rooms.  (There are 99 in the hotel).  The  sizable rooms were immaculate however, the view could have been better given that all I had to stare at in this city of mountains, were gravel stones roof and energy units outside the window.

But with this great service, all is forgiven.

Loews Vogue Hotel is so well located, so fastidious, so roomy that I know where I’ll stay when next in this lovely, tres charmant’ bilingual city.