Recreation Vedic Style

During my frequent trips to the Vedic Village Resort & Spa, I had the opportunity to appreciate what “Wellness” was all about. The manner in which the entire resort is designed, offers the very best of India’s holistic recreation heritage.

Located strategically in close proximity to the fast developing mega township of Rajarhat, the Resort is a mere 20 minutes drive from the Rajarhat Expressway and Kolkata Airport is just 11 Kms from the Vedic Village Resort.


I would often spend hours exploring every nock and corner of this dream Resort, sometimes accompanied by the Resort’s Marketing Head – Arindam Ghosh.

The main resort area is well spread out with impeccably landscaped gardens and there are exclusive enclosures for Bungalows, Lake Front Homes as well as Aqua Homes. The rather innovative Aqua Homes are any resident’s delight with custom built swimming pools and backyard garden. A special feature of the Aqua Homes are the roofed surface replete with greenery so as to keep the temperatures inside each of the properties moderate even during the scorching summer months.

As we took a leisurely stroll along the meandering walkways surrounding the graceful Bungalows, my friend Arindam revealed that most of the properties developed has already been lapped up by the city’s rich and the famous. The response from the Bengali NRI community too has been very positive and some of them have already taken possession of their dream homes. Due to a light drizzle, the earthy smell emanating from the Organic gardens surrounding the Bungalows was like a breath of fresh air to me.

The Bungalows and other residencies on offer are two, three, four and five bedroom affairs. The minimum plot size is 3.5 Cottahs and increases correspondingly with the addition of rooms. Most visitors to the Resort come to spend their weekends far from the din and bustle of the metropolis as they already have their ownership Bungalows at the resort.

A sneak look at the interiors revealed spacious bedrooms with state-of-the-art Porcelain tile flooring, Queen sized beds, writing tables, wardrobes, luggage rack and all the other amenities that a modern day visitor could ask for.


The Dining area with its luxurious sofa sets, an elegant center table, 6 seater Dining table, side boards and ceiling fans have been impeccably done up with matching décor. The attached kitchen with its exhaust fan, refrigerator, geyser and other modern day kitchen appliances were simply superb. While the toilets with exclusive Bathtub, shower curtain, exhaust fan, geyser and miscellaneous toiletries left nothing to chance and ready to usher in the discerning world traveler’s siesta with the best of Bengal’s hospitality.

The best part of the Resort is that approximately 95 % of the resort premise is verdant and full of greenery. While Organic Farming occupies around 4 acres of the resort’s landscape, there are facilities like multi cuisine restaurants, a well stocked bar, exclusive clubhouses and activities like swimming, basketball, bowling, badminton and an array of indoor games to keep the guests occupied in meaningful activities. I quite liked the Horse Riding bit.

However it is the Resort’s Spa, which over the years has carved a niche for itself in Kolkata’s competitive Spa landscape. In fact the Vedic Village Spa is the cornerstone of this resort and set in sylvan rural Bengal countryside that offers the enchanting charms of living in rural Bengal.


A bewildering array of therapies ranging from Ayurvedic remedies like Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Patrapinda Swedana, Herbal Face Pack, Dincharya and a whole lot more are on offer at this impressive Spa of Kolkata. The prices have been kept competitive and ranges from Rs.500/- to Rs.3500/-.

As far as Residential Vedic treatments are concerned, there are packages like the exclusive One Day Vedic Lifestyle, Oral Hygiene, Exclusive Yoga Sessions, herbal bath packages, and a whole lot more. I personally liked the rejuvenating “Snana” herbal bath package, which was not only great for my skin but the medicated oil that was massaged on my weary body gave me a new lease of life.

I was also witness to a veritable scamper for indulging in therapies at the Vedic Village Spa courtesy the weekend crowd of IT executives belonging to 24/7 genre of Software wiz kids from Sector 5, which is the IT hub of the state. In fact on the weekends, one can find a sizeable number of stressed out corporate executives, eminent Tollywood stars and others of their ilk indulging in rejuvenating Spa therapies at the Resort. The Residential Rejuvenation Packages come in durations of 3 Nights, 7 Nights and 14 Nights respectively.

The In-house doctors have been specially trained in Australia and facilities for Live Blood analysis and Iridology are available at the Resort. The characteristic feature of the Wellness Therapies on offer at the Vedic Village Spa is the harmonious integration of Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic and the traditional Chinese techniques of treatment. This phenomenon is intended to heighten the awareness about the benefits of holistic and alternative medicines not only in India but also abroad.

If you have the penchant for experiencing the ethereal sight of the picturesque and make belief world of a rural Bengal hamlet with its dimly lit lights appearing like a million studded diamonds, stop by at Vedic Village and rediscover a Bengal you never knew existed.

The Village is best depicted in Rishi Aurobindoo’s famous poem –

“When you and I, we played together,

Who my playmate was I did not know.

Without a fear, without a shame,

Life in quiet ease did flow”.

For any further information on Vedic Village Resort & Spa, please feel free to contact –

The Vedic Village

1/1B, Upper Wood Street,


West Bengal.

Telephone: +91-033-22802071 / 7552