BOOMER ALERT: The ‘bling’ that every savvy woman of any age wants in her collection

Brooklyn born and now well known Manhattan jewelry designer, Jessica Surloff, has recently launched her new collection called CROWN, featuring aristocratic accents in everyday fine jewelry.

Jessica, a true, savvy New Yorker in her early forties, knows exactly what young, sophisticated, career oriented and home makers, want as their next gift or acquisition. She admits her passion and has always been “in love with jewelry, especially with a vintage angle”.

Gold Shell Necklace. 14K Green Gold and White Diamonds & 3ct. Vintage 1930's Single Cut Platinum Ring. Bridal Collection.
Gold Shell Necklace. 14K Green Gold and White Diamonds & 3ct. Vintage 1930’s Single Cut Platinum Ring. Bridal Collection.

“Even when I was younger, I would search estate jewelry stores for pieces and then started to build my own small but beautiful collection,” says the stylish woman. “I have always loved designs that were either one-of-a-kind or different”. This is obvious when you view her creations since there’s a unique union of the old with the contemporary designs and the end results are stunning.

Regal, powerful and sovereign, in her newest grouping, the crown is an international symbol embodying all three attributes. Kings, queens and heads of state have donned diamond and gemstone encrusted crowns on their brows for centuries as a symbol of their position. Strikingly adorned, crowns present the dualities of beauty and desire, and empower the wearer. Tapping into the influence of this emblem, Jessica Surloff has created a magnificent collection of jewelry, which features large colored cabochon gemstones set into bezels, which are scalloped to produce the outline of a royal crown.

Modern Ballerina Ring by Jessica Surloff. 18K Rose Gold, act. Morganite and Yellow Diamonds
Modern Ballerina Ring. 18K Rose Gold, act. Morganite and Yellow Diamonds

Finding her perfect stones is like a massive treasure hunt for Jessica. “There is a love of nature that runs through all gemologists. Just the other day I found myself in a conversation with a stone dealer who lives in up-state New York. He talked to me about his pet ducks. And I finally discovered he had the most wonderful star sapphires that I’ve been searching for”. This true story only could happen in NYC.

With her background after studying in Syracuse, she admits her inspiration is more of a life experience. “I believe people should go with their dreams,” she says pensively.” It may sound corny but in this cynical world, it’s great to be able to hold onto dreams and if we work hard enough we can make them materialize”.

Even now, this well known designer combs through some of the smallest collections on a weekly basis and is convinced these trips are really important “since you never know what you can find and where”.

Opal Cocktail Ring by Jessica Surloff. 18K Yellow Gold, Opal and white sapphires.
Opal Cocktail Ring. 18K Yellow Gold, Opal and white sapphires.

About Jessica Surloff Jewelry: Jessica brings sophistication and modernity in her fine jewelry collection. Her signature style mixes high quality colored gemstones offset by unique placement of gold and diamonds, star sapphires, and aquamarines are some of the stones featured within her CROWN setting. Each stone represents a different type of power, with which the wearer associates. Sapphires symbolize strength and wise judgment, while ruby represents fire-it has a strong association with the power of the sun. As far as more power, the aquamarine is connected to happiness and everlasting youth. Juxtaposed and combined, these gemstones within the crown setting make the lucky owner feel the inner power and also displays subtle elegance.

“For me, creating beautiful jewelry has a lot to do with beautiful gemstones. The CROWN collection is really a simple design that helps showcase these incredible stones without taking away from them. The crown bezel is beautiful on it’s own, but when it is holding a gemstone, the combination makes these pieces amazing,” states Jessica who is a most knowledgeable gemologist as well as a woman with an astute sense of timing.

The stately collection is composed of: three star rings, four necklaces, two bracelets and two earring styles. A selection of gemstones are available and can be made for each setting and style, including: opal, aqua, pink tourmaline, yellow beryl, cats eye tourmaline, or chalcedony.

Jade Earrings by Jessica Surloff. 18K Gold, 27 cts. Lavender Jade and Yellow Diamonds. Soiree Collection.
Jade Earrings. 18K Gold, 27 cts. Lavender Jade and Yellow Diamonds. Soiree Collection.

Delicate star pendants and stackable bangles are perfect for day-to-evening, while Jessica’s statement sapphire rings, cushion solitaire fancy necklace and multi-stone bracelet are guaranteed to bring attention to their queen. Designed for women of all ages, too be admired, as each of her adornments compliments, inside and out. No question that this New Yorker has an eye for beauty and refined but bold designs.