Tips for the traveller

For the habitual traveller, there’s nothing more exciting than planning and packing. Yet
for others, organizing for that long-awaited trip becomes a stress-filled ordeal. The trick
is in knowing what to pack that will cover every imaginable social function and climate
change. The seasoned traveller has learned by trial and error that it’s often the ordinary
household articles tucked into the bottom of the case (or a shoe for that matter), that can
turn into a lifesaver. Wise travelers have discovered how to make clothes do double
chores. For instance, for women, the now fashionable pashminas can be worn over a coat
or jacket for extra warmth, or on their own for evening on coolish nights but double as a
great blanket on the plane.


If insomnia is your problem buy an eye mask since these once freebies are not being
passed around as they once were – a cost saving device for the companies?. Don’t laugh,
I even carry a pepper mill. I can’t enjoy a meal without the freshly ground stuff and
small mills are available.
One of my all time travel favorites is a long oversized T shirt which I stuff into my carry-
on. It’s a just in case sort of item. Just in case the luggage gets lost and I’m going to a
beach, I have a cover up. Just in case I’ve forgotten my nightgown or sleep wear, voila
etc. And along with these strange must-haves, is my invaluable invisible tape. In a pinch
it takes off lint, if you break a nail, it’s a fast fixer upper, if that front piece of curl just
won’t stay down stick it on for a few minutes, and what a blessing if there’s a leaking
cosmetic bottle in your case. You can depend on tape.
Although I don’t take any, I’ve used it at home and double faced tape is great for that hem
that might have given up and headed south of the rest of the skirt or dress. It works
wonders on cuffs also. For people with chronic neck aches, I find that a down- filled
neck pillow is very useful especially if you’re travelling in economy where they often run
out of pillows.
Carry-on necessities, one should have eye drops and facial mineral water spray for the
dryness on the plane. I know a very social woman who never leaves home without a silk
dress and shoes, necklace, underwear and a scarf- an entire day’s wardrobe- which she
packs in a small fold-over carry-on bag. She tells me that she actually managed for five
days interchanging the suit she was wearing and the carry on outfit when her luggage was
And being practical side, I always take plastic zip closing bags, one with damp
towelettes, the other empty for whatever usage I may need it for. And if I don’t, it’s no
big deal, I toss it away.. It doesn’t take space but here’s a scenario of the wet bathing suit
and a plane to catch. It’s a handy dandy and very useful necessity.
And don’t leave home without a pen. These days there are more forms to fill out then
every before.